Overcome Writing Difficulties of Gifted Children Effectively

silburyovercomeA lot of people believe a gifted child can’t also have learning difficulties. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hundreds of thousands of gifted children have additional needs – they are known as ‘twice-exceptional’ children.

One of the most common issues is dyslexia, one of the writing difficulties, which can be linked with anything from problems with handwriting (“dysgraphia”) to numbers (“dyscalculia”) or even issues with motor control (“dyspraxia”).

These difficulties can appear in a dozen different ways, and can affect all kinds of areas. However, there are some useful methods you can use to help improve writing skills.
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Twice Exceptional or Not? Recognition of Learning Disabilities

silburytwiceA very common question among parents of gifted children is “what is learning disability?” “How could it apply to my child?” “Is this normal for gifted kids?” “What is the best college paper writing service?” These questions are like those often asked at academic.tips – there is no exact answer to them.

Although every gifted child differs, with different ways of expressing themselves, it’s significant to recognize the signs that could indicate learning difficulties. If a gifted child’s specific needs aren’t spotted, it can impact their learning dramatically. If unchecked, this could lead to them being wrongly assessed at school and missing out on the support they need.
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Education for Gifted Children in Silbury’s Center


We all know that our world is governed by the laws of physics. We are also surrounded by certain social boundaries that have been constructed to maintain a balance in our lifestyle. Very few individuals have the ability to push or break those boundaries, thus expanding the social sphere to promote newer ways of thinking. Such change is thwarted by the vast majority in the initial stages. However, it is later gradually embraced with open arms. The architects of such revolutionary changes are categorized by the general public as being gifted.

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