Education for Gifted Children in Silbury’s Center


We all know that our world is governed by the laws of physics. We are also surrounded by certain social boundaries that have been constructed to maintain a balance in our lifestyle. Very few individuals have the ability to push or break those boundaries, thus expanding the social sphere to promote newer ways of thinking. Such change is thwarted by the vast majority in the initial stages. However, it is later gradually embraced with open arms. The architects of such revolutionary changes are categorized by the general public as being gifted.

Psychologists have identified 6 types of giftedness in children,

  1. The successful
  2. The challenging
  3. The underground
  4. The drop outs
  5. The double labeled
  6. The autonomous learner

With the sole exception of the autonomous learner, all the other types of gifted children require some form of guidance to get by. The type that is most in need of help is the double labeled. It is also known as the twice exceptional.

aboutgifted2As the names suggest, those children not only possess an individual intellectual gift but are also afflicted with learning disabilities. Most education systems fail to recognize the gift and concentrate more on improving the latter. Silbury’s Center, on the other hand, determines the child’s gift and works toward enhancing it. A few of the features of our center and our website are,

  • We provide books, tapes, and articles on our site to make you understand how our system works.
  • Our technique of providing gifted education is recognized and appreciated throughout the country.
  • We know how to make the children get around their learning disorders and realize their potential for greatness.
  • The auditory-sequential gift forces a child to learn any procedure step by step. A child with the visual-spatial gift pictures a particular concept and learns it quicker than most. We can boost both these intellectual traits within a child.
  • We understand that the learning difficulties of children are just a part of the intellectual gift. We help the children in getting over those challenges and clinching the gifts.
  • Our teachers are well-experienced in handling such gifted children. All of them are up to the task.

Our institution is an abode of knowledge for the gifted students. Reach out to us to find what your child is craving for.